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First Look: Tesla Model 3 Facelift Revealed in Leaked, Code-Named ‘Highland’


Get ready, Tesla fans! The highly anticipated facelift of the Tesla Model 3 is finally here. In fact, the first real car image of the redesigned Model 3 has just been leaked, and it looks like the new car is code-named “highland.” According to sources, the new model is expected to be officially released within this year.

The leaked photo of the Project Highland Tesla Model 3 reveals a subtle yet distinct design feature that confirms the authenticity of the new design. The side repeater flows into the door, as seen on the highland Model 3 spotted by @klwtts. Although the new car doesn’t feature the new 19″ Sport wheels, it still looks stunning.

Most significant changes in the new Tesla Model 3 is the front face of the car. The headlight adopts a brand-new shape that removes the current arc design, giving it a tougher look. The light source in the lamp cavity has also been adjusted, and the bottom is an L-shaped light strip, which gives it a fresh and modern look. Additionally, the new car is equipped with a new multi-spoke wheel design that adds to its overall sporty appeal.

In safety, the new Tesla Model 3 is expected to add a camera at the end of the headlight group, which will improve the visual perception of the vehicle and enhance the performance of the automatic driving assistance system.

Furthermore, Tesla is committed to reducing production costs, and the new Model 3 will utilize more large-scale castings to reduce the number of components. The interior will also be streamlined, with the number of physical buttons reduced to create a more minimalist and modern aesthetic.

Overall, the facelifted Tesla Model 3 is shaping up to be an exciting upgrade with new design features and improved safety features. Stay tuned for more updates on the official release of the new Tesla Model 3 later this year.