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Home » GM to Ditch CarPlay and Android Auto in Electric Vehicles, Betting on Its Own In-Vehicle Software

GM to Ditch CarPlay and Android Auto in Electric Vehicles, Betting on Its Own In-Vehicle Software


General Motors (GM) is making a bold move by announcing plans to phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its electric vehicle lineup. Instead, the automaker will rely on its proprietary in-vehicle software systems to power the infotainment experience for its electric vehicle (EV) owners.

As a result, future GM electric vehicle owners won’t be able to connect their smartphones directly to their cars, eliminating the ability to project their screens onto the central control panel using CarPlay or Android Auto. Apple and Android phone users, however, can still utilize the vehicle’s Bluetooth functionality for speakerphone, voice text messaging, and music playback features.

The decision by GM to abandon these popular platforms has sparked debate, as some automakers have faced backlash for not embracing Apple’s CarPlay. But, Ford has taken the opposite approach, leveraging its commitment to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a selling point for its vehicles, particularly its electric lineup.

A Ford spokesperson stated, “We will continue to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto because customers love the ability to easily access and control their smartphone apps – especially our EV customers, as some EVs don’t currently offer these features.”

Ford has long been a strong supporter of both CarPlay and Android Auto, even going so far as to roll out a firmware update that enhances the CarPlay experience in several vehicles, including the Mustang Mach-E.

GM’s decision to shift away from third-party platforms like CarPlay and Android Auto is a gamble, but it also underscores the company’s confidence in its own in-vehicle software. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, automakers are increasingly focusing on software development, and GM’s move may signal a new trend in the battle for EV supremacy.

Whether this strategy pays off for GM remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the competition in the electric vehicle market is heating up, and automakers are pulling out all the stops to differentiate themselves and win over consumers.