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Home » Tesla Driver Plays Piano While Car Drives Itself: Impressive or Reckless?

Tesla Driver Plays Piano While Car Drives Itself: Impressive or Reckless?

Tesla Driver Plays Piano

Have you ever seen someone play the piano while driving a car? How about while the car is driving itself? Well, that’s exactly what a Tesla owner did, and the video of his performance has taken the internet by storm.

In the video, the Tesla driver is seen playing a portable piano on his lap while the car is moving, thanks to the Full Self-Driving system. The car’s display shows that it’s making a left turn, which is an unprotected turn, but the driver doesn’t seem fazed. He continues to play the piano as the car navigates the turn and then accelerates on a straight road.

While the video is undoubtedly impressive, it also raises concerns about the safety of using the Full Self-Driving system in this manner. The driver’s lack of attention during the drive is a nerve-wracking moment for viewers, as he takes his hands off the steering wheel and focuses on playing the piano, a other video from @AIDRIVR the Tesla FSD beta avoiding birds.

On the one hand, the video showcases the impressive capabilities of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system, which has come a long way in recent years. It’s a testament to the technology’s potential to revolutionize the way we drive and travel. But on the other hand, it also highlights the potentially reckless behavior of some drivers who may take the system for granted and engage in distracting activities while the car is on the move.

Ultimately, it’s up to Tesla and other self-driving car makers to ensure that their systems are safe and reliable, and that drivers are properly educated and informed about their limitations. While the video is certainly entertaining, it’s important to remember that driving is a serious responsibility, and we should always prioritize safety over entertainment.

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So, what do you think? Is the video of the Tesla driver playing the piano while the car drives itself impressive or reckless? Let us know on tweet @gearmusk.

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