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Robo-Restaurants: Uber Eats and Serve Robotics Team Up for Futuristic Food Delivery

Uber Eats

Uber Eats and Serve Robotics have announced a partnership that will bring autonomous sidewalk delivery robots to major cities across the United States starting in 2026. These robots are equipped with AI technology for path planning and can travel up to 40 kilometers, carrying up to 23 kilograms of food items.

Imagine ordering your favorite meal through Uber Eats and having a robot deliver it to your doorstep. Once the robot reaches the delivery location, customers will enter a password to retrieve their order, ensuring the safety and security of their food.

This partnership is not new. Uber and Serve have already begun testing robot delivery services in California. With Uber’s goal of becoming a zero-emissions food delivery platform by 2040, robot delivery plays a crucial role in achieving this target.

Serve Robotics was previously a delivery robot project under Postmates, a food delivery service owned by Uber. It became an independent business after being spun out from Uber and received a $10 million investment from Nvidia in March 2022. Serve has been growing rapidly since it started its robot delivery business last year, with a monthly delivery volume growth rate of over 30%.

The partnership between Uber Eats and Serve Robotics will expand to more cities in 2026, including San Jose in California, Dallas in Texas, and Vancouver in Canada, with up to 2,000 delivery robots planned for deployment. These robots are powered by Nvidia’s Jetson line of compute devices and use AI to make navigation decisions based on sensor data.

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