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Lucid EV Gears Up to Enter China Market, How Lucid Air Model Price in China?


Lucid Motors, the Cali-based luxury EV startup, looks primed to bring its high-tech wheels to China, according to the company’s China head honcho Zhu Jiang.

Zhu confirmed that Lucid’s preppin’ to blaze into the massive Chinese auto market. “We’re gettin’ ready to enter China,” Zhu said. Though Zhu didn’t dish any details on possible local production, he let slip that Lucid will initially sell imported electric vehicles in China.

Zhu, a automotive industry vet who’s worked at BMW, Lexus, NIO, Ford, and Baidu, recently joined up with Lucid to steer its China ops. Before linkin’ up with Lucid, Zhu ran user operations at NIO and handled everything from marketin’ to PR to sales and service for Ford’s all-electric Mustang Mach-E in China.

Last year, Lucid started recruitin’ in China and said it aimed to start sellin’ EVs in China in 2023. Though Lucid’s plannin’ to build a factory in China, that’s likely years away.

Lucid’s targetin’ well-heeled buyers with its first (and only) set of wheels, the Lucid Air which starts at $87,400, similar to the price of a Model S in the US. Lucid’s pride and joy is its cutting-edge electric motor tech which churns out more peak power than any other mass-produced EV. The teeny motor also frees up a ton of cabin space.

With Zhu at the helm and its futuristic Air EV in hand, Lucid looks poised to make major inroads into China’s booming luxury EV market. The question is whether those well-off Chinese customers will be ready to embrace an EV brand from California, how Lucid Air model price in China. If Lucid’s Air lives up to the hype, why wouldn’t they?

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