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Tesla Cybertruck Orders Surpass 1.9 Million, Generating $200 Million Pre-Order Revenue

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck is generating tremendous buzz in the automotive world. According to crowdsourced data, Tesla has received over 1.9 million pre-orders for the Cybertruck, which is more than twice the initial volume of orders two years ago. This translates to a pre-order revenue exceeding $200 million, which is a remarkable feat for a vehicle that has yet to be released.

During the (Tesla Q2 2023 earnings call), Tesla revealed that the Cybertruck will use a more advanced and higher energy density 4680 battery version, which has already been used in the production of Model Y at the Texas factory. This is exciting news for electric vehicle fans, as the 4680 battery is expected to provide longer ranges and faster charging times.

Tesla also recently updated its Cybertruck plan, stating that it is the first four-door pickup truck with a body length of less than 19 feet and a cargo bed length of more than 6 feet that can fit into a standard 20-foot garage. This is a significant achievement, considering the Cybertruck’s unconventional design.

The Cybertruck’s design story is equally fascinating. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and chief designer Franz von Holzhausen were initially looking at a Ford pickup truck. However, Musk felt that traditional pickup trucks were boring and proposed something futuristic, drawing inspiration from movies, science fiction novels, and video games. Despite opposition from the rest of the team, Musk pushed for a radical design, saying, “Let’s make it futuristic.”

Tesla’s decision to use stainless steel for all parts provided new possibilities for the pickup’s appearance. However, stainless steel cannot be shaped into body panels with subtle curves and shapes like carbon fiber, and instead favors straight planes and sharp angles. This forced the design team to explore more futuristic, avant-garde, and even disharmonious directions.

The Cybertruck’s design drew inspiration from various vehicle images, including those from video games and science fiction movies. Musk was particularly fond of futuristic, cyberpunk styles and did not want to make a traditional, boring pickup truck. He wanted to create something cool that would surprise people.

Despite dissenting voices, Musk pushed forward with his vision for the Cybertruck. And based on the pre-order numbers, it seems that his bold move has paid off.

So the Cybertruck design echoes Musk’s vision — unapologetically futuristic. And pre-orders are doubling down. Turns out plenty of gearheads are revved about driving something completely different down Main Street.

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