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BMW Vision Neue Klasse: Make Grand debut at IAA Car Show in Munich


BMW is gearing up to unveil its vision for the future of electric vehicles. The automaker’s chairman, Oliver Zipse, confirmed that the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept will debut at the IAA Mobility show in Munich on September 2nd. This prototype will provide a sneak peek at BMW’s next-gen EV platform and cutting-edge technology.

The Vision Neue Klasse – which translates to “New Class” – represents a clean-sheet design for BMW’s electric models. Zipse stated that this concept is nearing production readiness and “will be hitting the road soon”. Remember the i Vision Dee showcased at this year’s CES exhibition? Well, the Vision Neue Klasse is its production-ready sibling, all set to take the streets by storm. Rumor has it that this groundbreaking vehicle might even serve as the next generation BMW 3 Series. Now, the Vision Neue Klasse is poised to transition those forward-looking ideas into reality.

Central to the Neue Klasse is BMW’s new Gen 6 battery system. These newly engineered cylindrical cells promise gains of over 20% in energy density, 30% in charging speed, and 30% more range. This technology could shake up the EV marketplace if BMW can deliver on these ambitious claims.

BMW intends to usher in the Neue Klasse era in 2025, with production ramping up in Germany initially followed by facilities in Mexico in 2027. The adaptable modular Neue Klasse architecture will underpin a range of models from 3 Series competitors up to high-performance M flagships.


Slated to arrive are one- and two-motor rear-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations producing between 268HP to 1,341HP. BMW states its SSM motors offer exceptional performance, noise reduction and 97% efficiency. The Neue Klasse also employs a cutting-edge “pack-to-open-body” design that utilizes cylindrical cells for battery flexibility.

Inside, a super-wide panoramic display spans the dashboard. This integrated visual interface exemplifies BMW’s mission to merge digitalization with sustainability in the Neue Klasse.

BMW’s future is coming into focus, and the Vision Neue Klasse offers an exciting glimpse. We’ll get an up-close look when the curtains lift in Munich this September. For BMW, the shape of things to come is electric.

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