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Tesla Begins Installs of Powerwall 3 With Integrated Inverter

Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla has started installations of its highly anticipated Powerwall 3, the latest generation of the company’s home energy storage product. According to recent social media posts, the new Powerwall 3 touts a more compact design and integrated inverter.

Installer Andy92782 shared first impressions after deploying one of the first Powerwall 3 units at a customer’s home. He reports the Powerwall 3 is approximately 2 inches shorter, 6 inches narrower, and 1 inch thicker compared to the previous generation Powerwall 2.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also confirmed via X that the integrated inverter is a key upgrade in Powerwall 3. This enables a single unit to serve as an uninterruptible power supply for most homes, keeping the lights on and devices powered during an outage.

Tesla Powerwall 3

Details on the capacity, pricing, and battery chemistry are still unconfirmed. Based on installer photos, it appears to offer 13.5 kWh of storage, a bump up from the Powerwall 2’s 13 kWh capacity. The more compact form factor suggests easier installation and lower manufacturing costs.

While the styling of the rectangular Powerwall 3 may be less eye-catching compared to the sleek wedge design of Powerwall 2, the upgraded performance and functionality look to make it a worthy successor.

As home solar and energy storage continue rapid growth, Tesla’s Powerwall 3 aims to remain a leading solution. The integrated battery and inverter streamline the experience while delivering ample backup power for homes. More details are expected as installations ramp up nationwide.

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