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AOC Pledges to Switch from Tesla to Union-Made EV in Solidarity with UAW


Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) said she plans to trade in her Tesla for a union-made electric vehicle, voicing support for striking UAW workers during an appearance on CBS.

AOC currently owns a Tesla Model 3, which ranks as the most American-made car according to U.S. parts content data. However, Tesla’s plants are not unionized unlike Detroit’s Big Three automakers.

The remarks come as the UAW continues a nationwide strike against GM, Ford, and Chrysler plants over stalled contract negotiations. The union is demanding substantial wage increases, restored benefits, and commitments to new EV production using union labor.

But while expressing solidarity, finding an all-electric union-made vehicle to replace her Tesla poses challenges. Currently, none of Detroit’s EVs crack the top 100 most American-made cars.

That’s set to change as Ford, GM, and Chrysler ramp up large-scale EV manufacturing domestically. But those plants will likely contend with the UAW’s open-ended strike in the near-term.

AOC’s pledge highlights how the UAW work stoppage extends beyond labor against management into political and consumer realms. As EV options grow, shoppers like AOC aim to ensure their dollars support union jobs.

But with the UAW’s demands adding 40% or more to labor costs, the ripple effects on pricing and viability will also shape public perception and adoption of Detroit’s upcoming union-made electric fleet.

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