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Nissan ‘Concept 20-23’ Previews All-Electric Future, Plans to EVs by 2030

Nissan Concept 20-23

Nissan has unveiled an electric sports hatchback concept called the ‘Concept 20-23’ designed by its London studio, previewing the brand’s ambition to sell only EVs in Europe by 2030.

Featuring a minimalist, rounded aesthetic accentuated by oval daytime running lights, the Concept 20-23 showcases Nissan’s vision for future zero-emission models tailored to the European market.

The reveal aligns with Nissan’s ‘Ambition 2030’ plan to launch 23 electrified models globally, including 19 new pure EVs. Europe currently represents 1/3 of Nissan’s sales worldwide.

Nissan Concept 20-23

Nissan stated that its current European lineup consists solely of hybrid and electric models. This includes the non-plug-in X-Trail Hybrid, e-Power Qashqai crossover, Ariya EV, and Townstar electric van.

Upcoming EVs for the region include an electric Micra subcompact and another unnamed model to be built at Nissan’s UK plant, Concept 20-23 hints at the design direction for these future offerings.

To enable its all-electric roadmap, Nissan aims to cut battery costs by 65% by 2028 through steps like reducing cobalt content and utilizing cheaper materials.

The company also reaffirmed plans to introduce solid-state batteries by 2028, which can potentially cut charging times by one-third and bring costs down to $65 per kWh.

Nissan previously pledged to invest $17.6 billion over five years on EV development worldwide. The Concept 20-23 and its focus on the European market underscores this acceleration.

By previewing an exciting sports car vision, Nissan hopes to make EVs more emotionally appealing, production versions inspired by the Concept 20-23 will join the Ariya crossover in spearheading Nissan’s European electric revolution over the coming decade.

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