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Tesla Begins Delivering Vehicles With FSD Beta Pre-Installed


Tesla has started delivering vehicles with the latest FSD Beta software pre-installed, allowing customers to immediately experience full self-driving functionality upon delivery.

Previously, customers who purchased FSD had to wait weeks or months after delivery to get access to the FSD Beta version through a software update. This new measure eliminates that waiting period.

According to WholeMarsBlog, a Tesla owner took delivery of a new Model 3 this week that came with FSD Beta 11.4.4 already enabled. They were able to utilize the full suite of FSD capabilities right away.


Of course, new owners who add FSD within 48 hours of delivery can also get instant access. And existing customers can transfer FSD from another car for immediate use in their new vehicle.

This confirmation of FSD Beta pre-installation comes as Tesla aims to release more widely available full self-driving by the end of 2023, per Elon Musk’s guidance. The upcoming FSD V12 is expected to be the first non-beta FSD (FSD Beta will move out of Beta stage with version 12) release with greater functionality.

In August, Elon Musk livestreamed an early V12 demo drive showing impressive autonomous navigation abilities throughout Palo Alto relying solely on the FSD system, (Elon Musk finally livestreamed Tesla FSD beta V12 on X).

Tesla FSD V12

While timelines are uncertain, Tesla does appear to be making strides towards its ambitious goal of fully autonomous driving enabled by continuous FSD improvements.

Pre-installing FSD Beta builds on those advancements by providing new owners an instant glimpse at the future of autonomous driving. As Tesla continues perfecting its FSD software, each new delivery will come that much closer to true hands-free, eyes-free operation.