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Home » IDRA Secures Ford Automaker EV Press Deals As Demand For Giga Casting Expands

IDRA Secures Ford Automaker EV Press Deals As Demand For Giga Casting Expands

IDRA Secures Ford Press Deals As Demand For Giga Casting

Italian manufacturer IDRA, known for supplying gigantic die casting machines dubbed “Giga Presses” to Tesla, is actively expanding its customer base as more automakers adopt large-scale casted parts.


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During a recent industry event at IDRA’s factory in northern Italy, a 6,100-ton Giga Press branded with Ford’s logo was shown fully assembled and undergoing testing. This suggests Ford has joined the ranks of companies utilizing IDRA’s machines to simplify manufacturing.

Additionally, IDRA revealed it is on the verge of signing a deal to provide two 9,000-ton casting presses to a major European automaker. This represents IDRA’s first supply contract with a European car company.

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As electric vehicles become mainstream, legacy automakers are following Tesla’s lead in consolidating complex assemblies into single large castings. This simplifies production using fewer parts and can lower manufacturing costs substantially.

IDRA’s massive presses make the process possible by applying thousands of tons of force to mold large components in one step. The demand for these machines is clearly growing as more OEMs plan EV transitions.

While no company yet matches Tesla’s full vertical integration, IDRA’s Giga Presses enable simplification and cost savings. Their expanding customer list proves that other carmakers recognize the benefits despite outsourcing more production.

IDRA pioneered some of the first die casting machines over 50 years ago. Now, their technology is poised to facilitate the EV revolution worldwide. As a key equipment supplier, IDRA’s fortunes appear tied to the mass EV adoption trends.

With both American and European automakers now employing IDRA presses, their reputation seems well established. As long as EV components require high-force molding, IDRA’s niche should remain strong.

Of course, if more car companies bring production fully in house like Tesla, they may eventually develop their own casting systems. But for the time being, IDRA’s machines appear indispensable for large EV part production.

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