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X/Twitter Announced $1 Annual Subscription Program Aimed at Curbing Bot and Spam Accounts

X/Twitter $1 annual subscription

Social media platform X/Twitter has announced the launch of a new $1 annual subscription program aimed at curbing bot and spam accounts. The “Not A Bot” subscription will first be tested in New Zealand and the Philippines.

Under the new program, any new or unverified accounts will need to sign up for the $1 yearly subscription in order to post content or interact with other users’ posts. Existing users will not be affected during the initial testing phase.

If successful, X/Twitter plans to expand the subscription model to other countries globally. Accounts that opt out of the paid subscription will be restricted to “read only” access – able to view content but not post or engage.

X states the goal is to “defend against bots and spammers who attempt to manipulate the platform and disrupt the experience of other X users.” Requiring a small fee creates a deterrent to mass bot creation.

Many view the minor $1 charge as a worthwhile tradeoff for reducing bot activity and improving the user experience. While free users can still read posts, the subscription creates a barrier to spam accounts trying to distribute content en masse.

X founder Elon Musk reiterated that the model will make it “1000X harder to manipulate the platform” even if it doesn’t eliminate bots entirely. By adding friction, most real users won’t mind paying a dollar while bot operators will be obstructed.

The novel “Not A Bot” system demonstrates X’s commitment to innovating in order to maintain platform integrity and quality. Focus groups indicate the $1 subscription detracts little from sign-ups while promising a major reduction in disruptive fake accounts. If successful, the program is likely to expand rapidly.

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