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Tesla 2024 VIN Decoder Confirms Cybertruck Specs: Dual/Triple Motor and weight ratings (GVWR)

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla has published its 2024 model year VIN decoder, revealing key details about the impending Cybertruck specs. Two Cybertruck variants are listed – Dual Motor and Triple Motor, confirming powertrain options.

The decoder also includes gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) for Cybertruck, indicating Class G and H configurations from 8,001 to 10,000 lbs capacity. Interestingly, the lower Class G segment points to a potential sub-9,000 lb Cybertruck, perhaps a dual motor model.

Tesla 2024 Model year VIN decoder cybertruck

GVWR specifies the maximum safe operating weight for a vehicle including passengers and payload. The ratings suggest loaded Cybertruck specs between a mid-size truck like Ford F-150 and heavy-duties such as Ford F-250.

With both dual and triple motor options in the VIN decoder, Cybertruck appears to come in two initial powertrain configurations. The triple motor will likely target max performance and towing, while dual motor may offer greater affordability and range.

Tesla has not revealed final Cybertruck towing, payload or battery pack details yet. But the VIN decoder ratings suggest capable specs on par with popular gas-powered pickups. Combined with the funky futuristic design, this reinforces Cybertruck’s viability as a workhorse EV truck.

While many specs remain unconfirmed, the VIN decoder provides the first official glimpse at possible Cybertruck configurations. The appearance of dual and triple motors along with two separate weight classes is promising for customers wanting options.

As deliver the first units of its electric pickup truck on November 30th, Tesla will reveal full details on battery sizes, towing limits and other capabilities to clarify the differences between Cybertruck models. VIN decoder indicates exciting specs that deliver on both performance and practicality.

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