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Apple Debuts Space Black MacBook Pros, Baseline 14-inch Model With M3 Chip

M3 Macbook Pro

Apple’s new gen of MacBook Pro laptops stick with the same fundamental 14-inch and 16-inch designs first introduced in 2021. However, the 2023 models bring a new space black colorway and lower cost entry point with the M3 chip.

The most eye-catching change is the introduction of a darker “Space Black” color option, available on high-end configurations with the M3 Pro and M3 Max chip, the deep space black MacBook Pro features a nearly black anodized aluminum chassis.

M3, M3 Pro, M3 Max Macbook Pro

Apple says an advanced chemical etching process helps reduce fingerprints on the new space black coating, should help the premium material maintain a pristine, uniform look during daily use.

Meanwhile, lower-priced models with the base M3 chip remain available only in silver and space gray. Opening up the regular M3 on the 14-inch MacBook Pro does provide a more affordable starting point at $1599.

However, the 14-inch base model only comes with 8GB memory and 256GB SSD, an underwhelming combo. Given the $200 upgrade to 16GB RAM, most users should probably spend a bit more for the 14-inch M3 Pro model which starts at $1999.

The rest of the MacBook Pro specs stay similar to before, both the 14-inch and 16-inch displays now reach 600 nits peak brightness, a mild increase from 500 nits prior, battery life remains rated at a stellar 18 hours video playback or 14 hours wireless web browsing.

Storage configurations scale up to 8TB SSD on the M3 Max, while other models top out at 4TB, new space black color gives creative professionals and power users a more professional aesthetic worthy of the premium price.

Overall, the latest MacBook Pro generation delivers only modest enhancements. But for users focused on performance, the improved M3 silicon with up to 12-core GPU should provide noticeable speed gains.

Between the black color option and lower cost of entry, Apple has made its powerhouse pro laptops accessible to a wider audience, iconic MacBook Pro form factor still leads the way with power, portability, and integration for Apple’s most demanding users.

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