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Tesla 2023.38.8 Update Brings New Autosteer Feature, Model Y Range Limit


Tesla has started rolling out its latest OTA software update 2023.38.8 which introduces some key changes to Autopilot, paid feature options, and Model Y range. Most notably, Autosteer can now be activated with just a single pull of the Autopilot stalk.

Before this update, engaging Autosteer required a double pull of the stalk once Traffic Aware Cruise Control was enabled, new single-pull activation should make Autosteer easier to quickly turn on.

According to code findings by @greentheonly, this new update also suggests front seat heating and heated wipers could become paid options on new Tesla vehicles going forward. Currently these features come standard, but they may be removed from base models to lower pricing.

Owners could then choose to pay to unlock the features if desired, change could allow lower-cost versions to qualify for tax credits in certain markets.

Additionally, it appears the maximum range of the new rear-wheel drive Model Y Standard Range has been software-limited to 260 miles. Despite having the same battery as the Long Range, its capacity is artificially capped, adjustment may be intended to meet eligibility criteria for incentives.

Other changes in software 2023.38.8 include from @greentheonly codes:

– UI for electronic toll connector programming via Bluetooth
– Forward Collision Warning receives updated R152 mode
– Support for upcoming 2024 model year vehicles

As Tesla continues to diversify its lineup, introducing more affordable variants eligible for credits makes sense. Transitioning some features to paid add-ons could enable lower base pricing while giving owners options to unlock capabilities.

The range-limiting of the Model Y Standard Range demonstrates Tesla’s mastery of software to artfully manage configurations between models. Overall, v2023.38.8 delivers meaningful Autopilot refinements and lays groundwork for new purchase options.