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Tesla’s FSD System Reportedly Ready for Launch in China After North America Rollout

Tesla FSD

According to recent reports, Tesla has completed development of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) system for the Chinese market and could launch it soon in regions outside North America.

Tesla’s FSD technology, which provides advanced driver assistance features leading up to autonomous driving capabilities, is nearing the end of its “beta” testing phase in North America, Elon Musk stated the upcoming v12 will be available within two weeks and will no longer be considered “beta”, livestreamed Tesla FSD beta V12 on X.

This progress indicates Tesla is getting ready to expand FSD to other markets like China, where regulation currently prevents release. Tesla has begun providing new owners in Europe, China, and Australia with instruction manuals containing FSD beta testing details, Tesla recruiting local team to accelerate FSD launch in China.

Tesla FSD

Manuals note that FSD beta may not be available in all regions or vehicle configurations yet, Tesla plans to gradually roll it out to eligible customers in selected countries as deployment expands.

Each region presents unique infrastructure, driving behaviors, and traffic patterns, Tesla cautions drivers to use extra caution as FSD adapts to new locations, full supervision remains essential for safety.

In China, Tesla’s second largest market, FSD beta’s arrival could significantly boost Tesla’s revenue given the hundreds of thousands of eligible vehicles awaiting the upgrade.

Tesla China has been actively recruiting expertise to prepare for FSD in 2024, Shanghai government officials have voiced support for deeper collaboration on autonomous driving.

But regulatory hurdles remain that have prevented FSD’s release in China so far, while Tesla has tested systems abroad for years, official launch relies on securing approval.

Point to Tesla nearing readiness to activate FSD capabilities globally, as the company puts final touches on the North American version’s transition beyond beta, international availability may not be far behind.

Bringing Tesla’s cutting-edge assisted driving features to China and Europe represents a major milestone, but initial launches will be cautious, emphasizing user attentiveness and supervision until the system is proven.

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