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Home » Mercedes Unveils All-Electric EQG in 2025, How uphold the G-Wagen’s esteemed legacy?

Mercedes Unveils All-Electric EQG in 2025, How uphold the G-Wagen’s esteemed legacy?

Mercedes Unveils All-Electric EQG in 2025

Slated to debut next spring and launch in 2025, Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric G-Class SUV promises elite off-road prowess. Recently, CEO Ola Källenius spotlighted the EQG’s capabilities in a video. How will this battery-powered behemoth aim to uphold the G-Wagen’s esteemed legacy?

Visually, the EQG adopts a closed front grille with integrated LED lighting. More LED accents highlight the waistline, roofline and grille borders. Massive 22-inch wheels display intricate surface cutting details and a rim insert resemble “hubcaps.”

EQG wields four separate motors – one powering each wheel independently. This enables remarkable maneuvers like the “G-Turn” in which the vehicle pivots round on one spot. Mercedes EQG’s electronic control systems facilitate turning 90, 180 or even 360 degrees.

The EQG also offers three regenerative braking modes for energy recovery – D+, D and D-. Customizable driving modes include Eco, Comfort, Sport, Trail, Rock, Sand and Creeper.

While Mercedes has not revealed full powertrain specifications, insights from the EQS 580 4MATIC SUV suggest the EQG may pack between 609 and 679 horsepower. Maximum range could reach around 500 kilometers per charge.

Overall, the EQG represents Mercedes-Benz aggression within the electric vehicle domain. This battery-boosted G-Wagen not only promises emissions-free daily driving but extreme off-road talents too.

Mercedes Unveils All-Electric EQG in 2025

So despite its radical powerplant pivot, Mercedes EQG seems poised to uphold the G-Class bloodline. Its quirky maneuverability and customization underscore the dedication to delivering an electric experience aligned with what enthusiasts expect. The six-figure price tag, however, may limit its adoption to affluent early adopters.

What’s your hot take? Can the EQG electrify the G-Wagen legacy? Or does its EV evolution equate heresy for purist petrol-heads? Share your reactions in the X @Gearmusk!

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