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Apple Podcasts Makes Tesla Debut in 2023 Holiday Software Drop

Apple podcast app will finally make its way to Tesla

In exciting news for Tesla owners and Apple users alike, today it was revealed that Apple’s popular podcast app will finally make its way to Tesla vehicles. Rollout is part of Tesla’s highly-anticipated 2023 Holiday update going live next week.

Once the refreshed software hits vehicles, owners can expect to see a dedicated Apple Podcasts icon pop up on their vehicles’ entertainment launchers. Tapping it will prompt users to scan a QR code on their iPhone, facilitating a quick account sync. From there, Apple Podcasts seamlessly integrates podcast playback and intelligent progress-tracking across your phone and Tesla.

This means all your subscribed shows, listening history, and personal preferences carryover automatically via your Apple ID. No more wasting time manually managing separate podcast queues! Playback control also aligns with Apple’s implementation, so the experience already feels familiar.

While listening on the go, Tesla owners can take advantage of Apple Podcasts features like personalized episode recommendations, an Up Next queue for playlist-style listening, and synced playback positions for picking up where you left off. It’s a best-of-both-worlds scenario marrying Tesla’s acclaimed in-car technology with Apple’s podcasting software expertise.

The integration’s timing couldn’t be better either, with Apple Podcasts continuing its reign as the world’s most popular podcast platform. Over 170 million monthly listeners tune in worldwide, making the catalog’s addition a huge win for Tesla vehicle owners.

Apple Podcasts is far from the only treat being unwrapped in Tesla’s festive 2023 software update however. Owners can also look forward to new gaming titles, custom horn sounds, automated emergency response notifications, and high fidelity park assist.

But for podcast fans, Apple Podcasts support remains the most mouth-watering new ingredient in this holiday recipe. Just pair it with Tesla’s already amazing sound system and superior noise isolation, and you’ve got the ultimate on-the-go studio for talk shows, news programming and more. Update drops next week – happy listening Tesla owners!

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