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Home » Tesla Unveils Clever $25 Model 3 Adapter Door Dock for Handy J1772 Adapter Storage

Tesla Unveils Clever $25 Model 3 Adapter Door Dock for Handy J1772 Adapter Storage

Model 3 J1772 adapter door dock

Tesla owners rejoice! No more fumbling around for that clunky J1772 adapter thanks to Tesla’s ingenious new door dock accessory. Priced at just 25 bucks, this clever gizmo provides the perfect home for your charging adapter inside the Model 3’s driver door.

The J1772 adapter is a bulky but necessary evil for many Tesla drivers who tap into public charging stations. Rather than cluttering up your glove box or center console, this dock neatly nestles the adapter inside your door pocket when not in use. Just pop open the door and there it waits, ready to juice up your Model 3!

Tesla’s product description says the dock is “designed to fit snugly within your driver’s side door pocket” in the Model 3. So no worries about the adapter sliding around willy nilly while driving, 3D printed construction and clever shape keeps everything locked neatly into position.

But what happens when you actually need to use the unsightly J1772 accessory? No problem – the dock’s open design ensures “easy access when you’re ready to charge.” Just grab and go, allowing you to connect to those vital public charging ports with minimal fuss.

Once you’re all topped up, simply slide the J1772 adapter back into its bespoke hideaway notch. The door dock maintains the Tesla Model 3’s gorgeous interior aesthetic by concealing the awkward adapter out of sight. Yet it’s always there when needed for charging on the go!

So why tolerate a tangle of loose charging cables when this smart dock keeps your J1772 adapter handy yet hidden?

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