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Zeekr EV Unveiled UltraCharge V3 Station and 20kw Home Charging Solution

Zeekr Electric Vehicle Charges

At its 2023 Energy Day festivities, electric vehicle maker Zeekr unveiled an ambitious roadmap for charging infrastructure along with several powerful new station products, overarching goal – deliver 15-minute charging convenience by 2026 to over 95% of Zeekr drivers in China.

Dubbed “Zeekr 1515 Convenience Power,” the plan promises drivers the ability to find a compatible charging station within 15 minutes of driving, followed by an 80% charge in an additional 15 minutes. Delivering on that proposition requires a massive expansion of Zeekr’s own custom UltraCharge stations boasting 360+ kilowatts of power.

Zeeker announced adding over 610k charger plugs through partnerships in 2023, while targeting 1,000 proprietary UltraCharge stations by 2024 and 10,000 total plugs by 2026. Already, Zeekr’s 401 active UltraCharge locations cover 100 cities and offer peak 800-volt charging.

Zeeker UltraCharge V3 station touts an industry-leading 800 kilowatts from a single charger, outpacing anything available today. Appropriately shielded cables and reduced operating noise improve user comfort during rapid charging sessions.

Beyond public infrastructure, Zeekr also unveiled a 20kw home charging solution allowing convenient overnight charges. Pricing kicks off around $1400 USD, with the station completely integrating with Zeekr vehicle controls and mobile apps for remote monitoring.

Altogether, Zeekr appears aggressively pursuing charging dominance to match its premium EV ambitions in China. And with claimed charging additions measured in the hundreds of thousands over the next 3 years, drivers can expect nationwide coverage that truly delivers on the promise of 15-minute rapid refueling. That’s an electric future built for convenience.