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Home » Tesla China Retrofits Add Model 3 Custom Spoiler and Model S/X Steering Wheel Swaps

Tesla China Retrofits Add Model 3 Custom Spoiler and Model S/X Steering Wheel Swaps

Tesla China Retrofits Add Custom Spoiler and Steering Wheel Swaps

Tesla owners in China can now customize their rides with stylish carbon fiber add-ons or revert controversial steering wheel. New retrofit options available through Tesla China include a Model 3 carbon fiber rear spoiler alongside Model S and X steering wheel downgrades, pricing sits at roughly $300 and $900 respectively excluding installation.

Opting for the sleek Model 3 spoiler translates to more high speed stability thanks to increased rear downforce, constructed from resilient cross-carbon fiber with matte epoxy coatings, the trunk-mounted wing accentuates aesthetics and performance, fits 2017 through September 2023 Model 3 builds.

The lightweight yet strong carbon fiber Model 3 spoiler runs ¥2099 all-in via Tesla China’s official app, total covers both parts and expert installation at Tesla service centers, enhanced grip and style points once technicians perfectly integrate this slick aerodynamic mod.

Meanwhile, Model S and X owners can ditch their controversial yoke “steering wheels” for a classic round replacement. This reverses controls back to Tesla’s familiar wheel format for 6500 yuan inclusive. It fits vehicles originally outfitted with the funky yoke apparatus to maintain airbag integrity.

This steering wheel retrofit includes total parts costs alongside professional fittings at Tesla shops, service even handles airbag transfers and necessary hardware modifications during the round wheel redo.

Between giving Model 3s a customizable style boost or reverting steering quirks, Tesla China’s innovative retrofits unlock added personalization. No pre-filled online order configs can ever satisfy every taste, so custom tweaks bridge unique owner needs.

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