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Home ยป Tesla Releases PowerShare Mobile Connector Manual – Key Details Explained

Tesla Releases PowerShare Mobile Connector Manual – Key Details Explained

tesla PowerShare Mobile Connector

Tesla has released the manual for the new PowerShare Mobile Connector, providing key details on how to use the portable EV charging device. The Mobile Connector brings flexibility and convenience for Tesla owners to charge on the go, check out pdf file. Let’s break down some of the most important details from the manual.

Adapters for Different Outlets
The Mobile Connector can adapt to various household outlets using different adapters. One adapter is for standard 120V outlets while another is suited for faster 240V charging. Tesla recommends installing a 240V outlet where you park for quicker charging times. Consult an electrician to set this up properly.

Attaching the Adapters

Attaching an adapter to the Mobile Connector is easy – simply line up the adapter with the connector’s controller and push until it snaps into place. The adapters provide a secure connection for charging.

Status Lights
Colored status lights on the connector indicate charging progress and alert you to any issues. When charging is going smoothly, the lights flash in sequence. A solid red light indicates a problem – refer to the lights to identify the cause.

Power Output and Charge Times
Charge times vary based on voltage from the outlet, subject to conditions like temperature. Faster 240V outlets deliver more power to recharge the battery quicker. To estimate charge time in hours, divide battery size (kWh) by power (kW). Touch the charging icon on a Tesla vehicle to see estimated time remaining.

Safety Instructions
Tesla emphasizes following all instructions and warnings in the manual for safe operation. This includes using the provided adapters, monitoring status lights, and charging within specified temperature ranges. Following Tesla’s guidance helps ensure an optimal, trouble-free charging experience.

The release of the PowerShare Mobile Connector manual provides Tesla owners with helpful guidance for this new charging accessory. By detailing proper usage and charging expectations, the manual sets owners up for success using the portable charger. Kudos to Tesla for equipping customers with the key details needed to leverage the flexibility of the Mobile Connector.

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