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Xpeng Motors Launches Feature-Packed X9 Electric MPV in China

Xpeng X9

Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng Motors has unleashed its highly anticipated X9 multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in its home market. As the brand’s first people mover model, tech-laden X9 aims to redefine intelligent driving experiences for up to seven passengers.

Xpeng formally introduced the elegantly styled X9 launched, flagship model built on Xpeng’s Fuyao architecture also commenced customer deliveries across China. Available in four trim levels priced from 359,800 to 419,800 yuan ($51,400 to $60,000), the futuristic electric MPV packs a suite of innovations.

Spacious, Luxurious Cabin with Cutting-Edge Tech
X9 sports a generous 3,160mm wheelbase enabling expansive interior space. Premium features create a tranquil atmosphere, including 10-way power front seats with massage, surround sound audio with 23 speakers, and a huge 21.4-inch entertainment display.

Occupants in all three rows benefit from the automatic climate control system’s five separate zones. The X9’s voice-activated smart cooler adds refreshing beverages on demand.

Xpeng X9

Xpeng designers optimized ingress and egress for the middle and third row seats. Second row chairs include fold-down tables, while the third row folds flat electrically to enlarge cargo capacity when needed.

Powering the intelligent experience is a blazing-fast Snapdragon 8295 chip running Xpeng’s updated XOS operating system, intuitive interface enables seamless navigation, entertainment, and control of the X9’s autonomous driving features.

Cutting-Edge ADAS Technologies for Highway and City

X9 comes loaded with 29 sensors enabling robust autonomous driving capabilities. Dual front LiDAR sensors join an array of cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors feeding data to the vehicle’s powerful Orin-X processor.

This hardware unlocks full-scenario intelligent driving covering both highways and urban streets. Xpeng’s advanced neural networks enable the X9 to handle complex driving situations smoothly based on real-time data.

During the launch, Xpeng noted its XNGP self-driving platform now covers 243 cities across China. Upgrades allow the X9 to expertly change lanes, navigate intersections, adjust speeds, and park automatically with minimal driver input required.

Xpeng pulled out all the stops to make the sizable X9 secure and comfortable for owners. The X9 is the first model to use Xpeng’s new integrated front and rear aluminum castings.

Compared to steel, these lightweight castings deliver a 30% boost in bending rigidity and 3x improvement in torsional stiffness. This solid structure better absorbs crash forces, aided by the castings’ segmented design.

Refined chassis systems also contribute to composed handling and stability. Intelligent air suspension adjusts ride height instantly based on conditions, while rear-wheel steering sharpens turning and stability.

Motivating the tech-loaded X9 are front and rear dual motors generating combined peak output of 370kW, or 496 horsepower. This brawny all-wheel drive performance allows the MPV to sprint from 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds.

Drivers can select plush comfort or engaged handling modes depending on their mood. The long range 84.5 kWh and 101 kWh battery options deliver ample mileage for family road trips.

Pioneering the Future of Intelligent 7-Seat Mobility
With its fusion of space, luxury, technology and performance, the ambitious Xpeng X9 takes the MPV segment to thrilling new heights. Packed with more comfort and safety innovations than any rival, the X9 looks poised to steal market share.

Xpeng continues pushing boundaries after already demonstrating smart EVs can deliver speed, value and advanced self-driving. The tech-obsessed company’s first people mover model reflects a commitment to maximizing the potential of electric mobility.

Looking ahead, Xpeng plans to eventually bring the X9 or a similar model overseas as it expands globally in coming years. For now, Chinese families can enjoy this cutting-edge new choice driving the future of intelligent transportation.

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