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Home » Goodyear Unveils Revolutionary New ElectricDrive 2 Tire for EVs – 50% Longer Lasting Tread!

Goodyear Unveils Revolutionary New ElectricDrive 2 Tire for EVs – 50% Longer Lasting Tread!

Goodyear New ElectricDrive 2

EV drivers rejoice! Goodyear has just announced the launch of their game-changing new ElectricDrive 2 tire, engineered specifically for electric vehicles. Slated to hit the market this May, this futuristic tire boasts a tread life 50% longer than the average tire, plus other innovations to maximize your EV’s range and performance.

What makes the ElectricDrive 2 so revolutionary? Goodyear packed it with custom features to meet the unique demands of heavier, torque-y electric cars. The long-lasting tread compound is remarkably resilient, engineered to enhance longevity and deliver more miles of use before a new set of tires is needed.

The sound-reducing SoundComfort technology utilizes sound-absorbing foam inserts to notably dampen interior vehicle noise, making for a quieter ride. And the advanced compound and aerodynamic sidewall lower rolling resistance, boosting your EV’s efficiency and range.

    Additional ElectricDrive 2 features include:

  • At least 50% sustainable materials in construction
  • Enhanced wet and dry grip and responsiveness
  • Lower aerodynamic drag

Available in 17 sizes initially, the tire has been designed to fit popular EVs like the Tesla Model 3 and Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E and more.

Tire wear is a major pain point for EV drivers, as heavier battery packs can lead to rapid tread wear. By designing the ElectricDrive 2 specifically for electric vehicles, Goodyear targeted this issue directly. The result is a tire that can significantly cut down on maintenance costs and total tire replacements over the life of your EV.

The ElectricDrive 2 represents a fundamental shift in tire engineering for the electric era. As Mike Manges, Goodyear’s senior manager of product marketing said, “We believe that EV-specific tires can offer lower rolling resistance, better treadwear and lower interior cabin noise while enhancing overall vehicle range and offering a quieter ride for electric vehicle owners.”

EV owners, are you excited to get your hands on these revolutionary new tires? Follow us, share your thoughts!

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