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Tesla’s Revolutionary “Unboxed Process” Manufacturing for $25k Car

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Tesla’s upcoming $25,000 electric vehicle, expected to launch in 2025 (Tesla Q4 2023 earnings call aims to start production on its next generation low-cost electric vehicle in the second half of 2025), will employ a radical new manufacturing method called the “unboxed process”. According to comments from Tesla’s head of vehicle engineering, Lars Moravy, this unboxed technique will revolutionize how Tesla builds cars in the future.

Traditional auto manufacturing involves building the car frame and body as separate modules or “boxes” that get bolted together on the assembly line. This modular method allows flexibility but creates seams and fastener points that add cost, weight and complexity.

By contrast, Tesla’s unboxed process integrates the body and chassis into a single structural unit. This drastically simplifies and streamlines manufacturing. As Moravy explained, the unboxed vehicle will have just three main modules – front, rear and the battery pack in the middle. Eliminating the boxes and seams leads to greater rigidity and durability while lowering production costs.

The unboxed design also grants easier access to components for maintenance and repair. Technicians won’t have to work around and inside boxed sections – they can get straight to what they need to fix. This approach ties back to Tesla’s emphasis on serviceability and repairability for its vehicles.

Tesla’s Cybertruck provides a preview of how unboxed manufacturing will work. The Cybertruck’s exoskeleton body lacks traditional automotive panels and welded box sections. This unified exoskeleton points toward the simplified unboxed production process.

By unleashing unboxed manufacturing on its $25k model, Tesla aims to achieve new heights of efficiency and cost savings. The technique could allow Tesla to finally deliver a truly mass-market, affordable EV for the world. While rivals rely on legacy auto construction, Tesla continues to question conventions and forge new engineering paths. The unboxed method represents the innovative thinking that could keep Tesla ahead in the EV race.

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