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Home » Tesla Cybertruck’s Stainless Steel Skin Rusts, Spoiling Futuristic Aesthetic

Tesla Cybertruck’s Stainless Steel Skin Rusts, Spoiling Futuristic Aesthetic


The cyber-future we were promised is tarnishing before our eyes. Numerous Tesla Cybertruck owners have emerged on online forums complaining of unsightly orange rust spots blemishing the stainless steel body of their electric pickups after rain exposure.

Poster Raxar started the fray on Cybertruckownersclub after his truck developed stubborn rust patches during two rainy days outdoors. Even after scrubbing with dish soap, the cyber-smudges remained visible – not exactly the space-age sheen Raxar expected from his pricey purchase.

Cybertruck’s Stainless Steel Skin Rusts, Spoiling Futuristic Aesthetic

He recalls Tesla advisors warning him about possible rainfall corrosion during Cybertruck pickup, but the caution hardly braced him for seeing the sci-fi truck immediately “weathered” before his eyes.

Indeed, turns out stainless steel can surrender to rust under the right (or wrong) conditions, confirms metal provider Mead Metals. Factors like water, chemicals, salt, and heat open the door for oxidation. No wonder damp ocean air and raindrops left their cyber-mark so rapidly.

Some unsightly photos from user Vertigo3pc reveal extensive spotting, who claims oxidized patches now pepper Cybertrucks everywhere. With owners submitting corrosion documentation, Tesla service centers aim to schedule repair appointments after acquiring the necessary tools to fix the stainless steel marring.

In the meantime, manual polishing seems the only remedy for Cybertruck’s high-tech hide turning bumpy orange before buyers’ eyes. Not exactly the indestructible look Elon Musk touted for his “Blade Runner” inspired truck!

Between shattering windows and scratch-prone siding, Cybertruck’s durability reputation already took some hits. Will this corrosion issue hammer home vulnerabilities in Tesla’s normally futuristic image? Or can Musk polish away these latest criticisms like watermarks on his stainless steel starship? With rusted Cybertrucks drawing mockery as they roam roads, Tesla may need more than a buffing to restore that otherworldly allure.

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