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Home » Tesla has Finally Released a Brand New Tire Repair Kit, Price at $125 in US

Tesla has Finally Released a Brand New Tire Repair Kit, Price at $125 in US

Tesla has finally released a brand new Tire Repair Kit

For years, Tesla owners have been wandering through the desert of flat tire frustration, desperately seeking an oasis in the form of a trusty repair kit. Tesla’s brand new Tire Repair Kit has hit the scene.

We’re talking an air compressor that can reach a whopping 80 PSI, powered by your trusty 12V port. But that’s not all – this puppy also sports a digital display for precise pressure control, ensuring your tires are inflated to perfection.

There’s more! This kit also comes with a handy storage bag and a sealant bottle capable of patching up those pesky tread punctures up to 6mm in diameter.

Tesla wants you to know that this kit is strictly for emergency use. Once you’ve slapped that temporary fix on, you’ll need to seek professional help to get your tire back in tip-top shape.

Of course, all this flat-fighting goodness comes at a cost. The new kit will set you back $175 in Canada or $125 in the good ol’ US of A. A steep price to pay, sure, but can you really put a price on peace of mind? Besides, who wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and no way to fix it?

So, there you have it, Tesla fam – the long-awaited Tire Repair Kit has finally arrived, and it’s ready to kick those flat tire blues to the curb. Here’s to smoother rides and fewer roadside emergencies!

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