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Home ยป Tesla has launched Vault cargo bins and Underseat storage bins for Cybertruck

Tesla has launched Vault cargo bins and Underseat storage bins for Cybertruck

Cybertruck accessories Vault cargo bins

For all you adventure-seekers anxiously awaiting Tesla’s radical Cybertruck, the EV giant just unveiled some nifty new accessories to get you hyped. We’re talking heavy-duty cargo bins designed to keep your gear locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

Introducing the Cybertruck Vault cargo bins – a set of three waterproof bad boys built to slide snugly into the truck’s bed grooves. No more losing your stuff under the seats or having it sliding around the back while you’re tearing up the trails, right?

Tesla’s also hooking you up with some slick underseat storage bins, perfect for stashing away all your smaller essentials. One large bin plus two smaller nested ones give you options for separating items like dog toys, blankets, tools – you name it.

No more cluttered cab or losing the leash under the seat mid-road trip. These durable, easy-to-clean bins will keep your prized possessions concealed and organized beneath the rear seats.

At $225 for the cargo vaults and $250 for the underseat setup, the accessories aren’t exactly cheap. But can you really put a price on protecting your gear and keeping sane on those extended Cybertruck camping trips?

Whether you’re prepping for off-road adventures or just like compartmentalizing your miscellaneous crap, Tesla’s got you covered with their new storage systems. The only question is – what other surprises does the Cybertruck have in store?