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Porsche’s Bonkers Taycan Turbo GT Takes Aim at Model S Plaid Speed Crown

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

For years, Tesla has ruled the roost when it comes to straight-line acceleration and outright performance in the realm of electrified vehicles. But if Porsche has anything to say about it, the German sports car icon is about to snatch that crown away.

June 4, 2023 news from GearMusk, Tesla smoked Porsche on its home turf at the Nürburgring race track, specially tuned Plaid version of the new Model S just shattered the production EV lap record, 12.9-mile course in 7:25.00 flat.

Meet the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT, a souped-up, track-focused variant that puts the “high performance” in high-performance EV. With up to 1,092 horsepower on tap, this four-door missile can rip from 0-60mph in a scarcely believable 2.2 seconds. Yes, you read that right.

And it’s not just a straight-line star, either. The Turbo GT recently obliterated the electric production car lap record at the famed Nürburgring circuit, laying down a blistering 7:07.55. That’s a full 18 seconds quicker than Tesla’s range-topping Model S Plaid could manage on the same track.

Of course, all that hyper performance doesn’t come cheap. Porsche is asking a cool $232,000 for the privilege of parking one of these Turbo GT rockets in your stable. But then again, if you’re looking to humble fans of the Lucid Air Sapphire or any other would-be Tesla giant slayer, it might just be a price worth paying.

Other tantalizing specs for the ultimate Taycan include a top speed of 190mph (eat your heart out original Tesla Roadster!) and the ability to hit 124mph from a standstill in just 6.4 seconds. We’re starting to run out of adjectives here.

Deliveries are slated to begin this summer for the few, the proud, the insanely wealthy who managed to land an order for one of Porsche’s new EV hellraisers. I gotta drive this thing, as for everyone else, well, let’s just hope they have an opportunity to experience the Turbo GT’s sound and fury at a local cars and coffee meet soon.