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Tesla’s Lars Moravy Spills the Beans on 2024 New Model 3 Tire Options

Tesla 2024 model 3

For new Tesla 2024 Model 3 vehicle buyers, tire choice matters just as much as drivetrain and battery specs when it comes to maximizing range and efficiency. Thankfully, Tesla seems to have taken that into account with the rolling stock gracing its refreshed 2024 Model 3 sedan.

After details new Model 3’s tire upgrades, Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy reply a massage on X, 2024 Model 3 will roll off the line wearing new low-rolling-resistance tires co-developed with two of Tesla’s trusted suppliers.

New Model 3 Tire Options

For the standard 18-inch wheel option, buyers can expect either the new Hankook Ventus S1 AS T0 or the latest Michelin Primacy A/S rubber, both sized at 235/45R18. But don’t confuse those “T#” labeled Hankooks with run-of-the-mill off-the-shelf tires.

As Lars explained, any Tesla-approved tire bearing a “T-mark” on the sidewall denotes a model engineered to Tesla’s exacting specifications, with tire makers refining constructions and compounds to meet the company’s performance targets. So while the Ventus S1 AS might look familiar, this T0 version was precision-tuned for lower drag and increased range.

Stepping up to the 19-inch wheel option unlocks a similar tire tech upgrade, with the latest T-marked 235/40R19 Continental ProContact RX and Goodyear Eagle Sport serving duty as Tesla’s official fitments.

The tire commentary doesn’t stop there, either. According to Moravy, owners can now find Tesla’s full list of approved original and replacement tires on the company’s service website—handy for ensuring their new electric steed stays shod with optimal rolling stock.

Expect even more granular tire detail to trickle out to Tesla’s app soon, giving obsessive data nerds another data point to pore over. For the average buyer, however, the key takeaway is that the revamped 2024 Model 3 continues to double down on low resistance, further boosting efficiency without resorting to skinny, range-anxiety-inducing economy tires.

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