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Home » Tesla Introduces Slick New Referral Feature for Hooking Friends Up with Tesla Advisor

Tesla Introduces Slick New Referral Feature for Hooking Friends Up with Tesla Advisor

directly connect friends to a Tesla Advisor

For anyone who’s ever played wingman helping convince a buddy to join the cult of Tesla, a handy new referral feature just dropped to make that sales pitch a whole lot easier. The EV maker has launched a fresh update enabling owners to put their friends in direct contact with Tesla advisors at the tap of a button.

As recently highlighted by Tesla Model S owner Taylor Robinette, the nifty tool lives inside the “Refer & Earn” section of Tesla’s mobile app for U.S. users. How to setting it? toggled on in the Refer & Earn section of the Tesla app in the US, when enabled, attempting to send a referral code spawns a group message with the owner, their friend, and—here’s the kicker—an actual Tesla advisor looped into the conversation.

From there, the advisor can reach out separately to assist the prospective buyer with whatever burning questions might be holding them back from pulling the trigger. Whether it’s inquiries about lease options, pricing details, the latest incentives, or basically any other hurdle in the purchase process, Tesla’s team is now just a single tap away.

It’s an incredibly low-friction way for owners to warm up sales leads while bringing in the brand’s professional closer to seal the deal. No more having to hash out every little query yourself or hand off contact info—the advisor can cut out the middleman entirely.

The feature rollout appears motivated, at least in part, by Robinette’s own experiences encountering friends needing that extra bit of human guidance before converting to the Church of Elon. In particular, he cited two recent referrals, one with leasing logistics holding them up and another unsure about inventory options for their desired configuration.

Having a sales rep at the ready could make all the difference in converting curious window shoppers into legit buyers. It simultaneously rewards existing Tesla faithful for bringing prospects into the funnel while ensuring every possible lead receives the attentive one-on-one service required to push them across the finish line.

Of course, whether this latest referral enhancement will supercharge Tesla’s already red-hot sales numbers remains to be seen. But making the process as frictionless as possible for both owners and newcomers certainly can’t hurt Elon & Co’s worldwide EV proliferation plans.

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