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Home » Tesla FSD v12.3 Sees Major Strides Towards ‘Human’ Self-Driving, V12.4 Big Jump in Capabilities

Tesla FSD v12.3 Sees Major Strides Towards ‘Human’ Self-Driving, V12.4 Big Jump in Capabilities

Tesla FSD

The hot takes are in on Tesla’s latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software update, and the consensus is clear v12.3 represents a major leap towards truly human-like autonomous driving performance.

From tech leaders to Tesla owners testing it on real roads, FSD v12.3 is earning effusive praise normally reserved for sweeping AI breakthroughs. Heck, even Michael Dell is tweeting about how “super impressive” and “like a human driver” Tesla’s update is.

FSD Beta Tester Raves: “It Really Felt Like…Another Human Driving”

One FSD beta tester, Cus Fragoso, documented a nearly 300 mile road trip where he reported having to take over from FSD v12.3 only twice – once due to an incorrect lane choice, and once to exit for a Supercharger stop. His verdict? “It really felt like there was another human driving.”

Fragoso gushed that the update “exceeded my expectations” and that he “cannot envision a future without FSD.” Lofty praise for beta software still in testing!

Tesla's FSD v12.3 Sees Major Strides Towards 'Human' Self-Driving

The Secret Sauce: Dojo Supercomputer and End-to-End Neural Net

So what’s behind FSD v12.3’s massive jump in self-driving smarts? Tesla is finally leveraging the full power of its custom Dojo AI training supercomputer and a shift to an end-to-end neural network model for autonomous driving.

In a X tweet, Elon Musk himself acknowledged that Tesla’s “constraint in training compute is much improved” thanks to Dojo, allowing more sophisticated neural net training. He teased that the next v12.4 update will be “another big jump” enabled by their boosted AI muscle.

With results like these, Tesla’s aggressive 2025 timeline for exiting the FSD beta and achieving true full self-driving may just be realistic after all. The (human-driven) future is now, it seems.

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