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Tesla Embraces Radiant Hues With Wild New Cybertruck Wrap Colors


Tesla is rolling out a rainbow’s worth of wild new exterior wrap options to let Cybertruck reservation holders put a more radiant spin on the vehicle’s cold, unadorned stainless steel exoskeleton, check out Cybertruck Color Paint Film page.

Cybertruck color paint film, the half-dozen freshly launched color treatments range from an audacious iridescent purple to more subdued tactical green and satin dark gray variants. There’s even a copper-tinted transparent option for those who dig the Cybertruck’s industrial aesthetic but want to soften those harsh lines.

Colors and Prices:

  • Iridescent Purple: $6,500
  • Forest Green: $6,500
  • Satin Crimson Red: $6,500
  • Tactical Green: $6,500
  • Satin Dark Gray: $6,500
  • Copper Tinted Clear: $6,500

Premium Protection and Personalization

Of course, adding a pop of vibrant personality to your Cybertruck doesn’t come cheap. Each of these thicker, urethane-based “PAINT FILM” wraps will set you back a cool $6,500 on top of the truck’s sticker price.

The 2X thicker-than-vinyl wraps promise superior self-healing scratch protection and environmental friendliness versus traditional vinyl treatments.

Tesla also isn’t cutting any corners on the installation experience. That $6,500 covers both the wrap material costs and labor for applying it at a certified Tesla service center, with loaners provided during the process. For now, just five locations in California, Texas and other markets offer the service.

Of course, knowing Elon’s sheer bombast, this vibrant wrap extravaganza is likely just the first wave of avant garde personalization on the way for the Cybertruck. If there’s one thing about all this guaranteed, it’s that this brutalist EV won’t stay bare for long.