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Tesla Earth Day Water Bottle in the U.S. for $40, Donate $8 for Each Bottle Sold

Tesla Earth Day water bottle

Tesla has a fresh new addition to its lineup just in time for Earth Day – and it’s not what you’d expect. Launched a limited-edition insulated water bottle rocking some serious eco-inspired stylings.

Billed as Tesla’s “third-annual Earth Day fundraiser,” 22-ounce double-walled steel vessel celebrates the company’s “commitment to a sustainable future.” It’s the design details that really make this bottle pop.

The star attraction? A striking laser-etched “soaring Cyber Owl” emblem emblazoned on the side. Because what better represents environmental preservation than a futuristic robotic raptor, right?

Completing the nature-meets-technology motif is an outline of our home planet Earth decorating the screw-top lid – all rendered in a powder blue “glacier” finish that just screams fresh alpine air and pure mountain streams.

Beyond looking fly though, this svelte new Tesla water bottle was built to endure. The company promises its thermal insulation will keep beverages hot or cold for up to 10 hours.

As always, these kinds of sustainability pushes from Tesla come with a hint of skepticism around ulterior marketing motives. $40 water bottle funds unspecified “charitable initiatives” with just $8 from each sale going to the actual cause, check out Tesla page.

But for diehard Tesla fans and ardent environmentalists, the chance to rock some slick new eco-swag while supporting a good cause could be too irresistible to pass up.

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