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Tesla has Officially Launched New Model 3 Performance, 0-60mph in Just 2.9 Seconds

new Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla launched a new uber high-performance electric vehicle that’ll leave every other car in a cloud of non-existent exhaust. Yep, the automaker took the wraps off its new Model 3 Performance this week, promising the ultimate thrill ride in a compact EV package.

So what exactly makes this new Model 3 Performance so insane? Well, let’s start with the important numbers: 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds (besting the previous Performance model by 0.2 seconds), a top speed of 163mph, and over 500 electrified horses under the hood. This is officially the quickest and most powerful Model 3 that Tesla has ever built.

new Tesla Model 3 Performance

But raw speed isn’t the only upgrade here. The new Model 3 Performance benefits from a slew of chassis and suspension enhancements developed by Tesla’s in-house software wizards. An adaptive air suspension system promises to deliver “enhanced body control” for sharp handling without sacrificing daily comfort. The steering has been recalibrated too with what Tesla calls “Track Mode V3” tuning.

To help put all that power to the pavement, the Model 3 Performance rocks stickier performance tires wrapped around lightweight forged wheels, huge high-performance brakes, revised front/rear fascias for better aero, and a racy carbon fiber spoiler and interior trim accents. Tesla even fitted new, more aggressively bolstered sports seats to keep you planted during hard cornering.

Of course, performance upgrades don’t come cheap, as the new Model 3 Performance starts at a healthy $52,990. But thanks to the revamped EV tax credit rules, buyers can still knock $7,500 off that price for a final cost of $45,490 – making this one of the best performance car values on the market today when you consider the absurd acceleration potential.

Speaking of which, the Tesla Model 3 Performance has three preset acceleration modes to choose from: the tame “Chill” mode for daily driving; the middle-of-the-road “Standard” setting; and the main event “Insane” mode that unleashes the EV’s full straight-line savage. Just be sure to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel when you floor it in that last mode.

While range takes a minor hit (296 miles compared to the standard Model 3’s 334 miles), that still puts the new Performance version squarely in the 300+ mile EV club. And with Model 3 deliveries slated to begin next month, speed freaks won’t have to wait long to get their hands on Tesla’s latest electrified terror.

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