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Home » Elon Musk has Confirmed Tesla Will Finally Be Getting Rid of FSD nag with FSD 12.4

Elon Musk has Confirmed Tesla Will Finally Be Getting Rid of FSD nag with FSD 12.4

Tesla's FSD

Is your Tesla nagging you to keep your hands on the wheel with its FSD (Full Self-Driving) mode? Well, get ready to tell that annoying nag to hit the road – Elon Musk just confirmed Tesla is finally pulling the plug on those incessant wheel reminders in the upcoming FSD version 12.4 update.

Getting Rid of FSD nag v12.4

It’s been a long-awaited quality of life improvement – FSD nag has been bugging Tesla owners to keep a light grip on the steering wheel for a painstaking 3.5 years, it looks like those days of the FSD kibitzing your driving are finally coming to an end with v12.4, dubbed the “Supervised” update.

With the improved driver monitoring cameras and sensors in recent Tesla models, the company feels confident enough to finally ditch the wheel tug requirement. FSD V12.4 will usher in true hands-free operation on approved roads – with the caveat that you need to remain attentive, of course.

While owners can breathe easy without the persistent FSD wheel reminders, FSD “Supervised” name implies Tesla’s self-driving mode will still keep a watchful eye on drivers. So you can cruise hands-free, but you better not completely check out. After over three years of dealing with the nag, a little supervision seems like a fair trade.

So what else is new in 12.4? Elon says it will leverage the latest neural nets for improved vision, planning, and closed loop control. We could see enhancements to unprotected left turns, dealing with static objects, and navigating downtown city streets.

The v12.4 update removing the FSD nag is slated to arrive in the next 1-2 weeks according to Musk’s recent comments. It could represent the biggest leap in Tesla’s autonomous driving capabilities since the original Autopilot launch all those years ago.

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