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Home » Stellantis CEO Checks Out Leapmotor’s EVs, Fueling Joint Venture Buzz

Stellantis CEO Checks Out Leapmotor’s EVs, Fueling Joint Venture Buzz

Stellantis CEO Checks Out Leapmotor's EVs, Fueling Joint Venture Buzz

When the CEO of a massive 14-brand auto conglomerate like Stellantis takes time out of their busy schedule to tour an upstart EV maker’s facilities, you know something’s brewing. That’s precisely the situation that went down when Carlos Tavares himself stopped by Chinese electric vehicle company Leapmotor’s headquarters.

Tavares didn’t just kick the tires either, photos of the CEO getting up close and personal with Leapmotor’s slick new C16 midsize electric SUV during his visit, sighting instantly supercharged existing rumors that a blockbuster joint venture between the two automakers could be in the works.

Bringing Leapmotor to the Global Stage?

Back in October 2023, Leapmotor announced tentative plans for Stellantis Group to invest roughly €1.5 billion for a 20% stake in the EV startup. The two companies had revealed their intention to establish a co-owned global manufacturing and distribution brand dubbed “Leapmotor International.”

Under the proposed deal’s framework, Leapmotor would begin exporting its EVs worldwide in 2024. Meanwhile, the new Leapmotor International joint venture would have the exclusive rights to locally manufacture and sell the brand’s vehicles everywhere outside of China. Stellantis boldly targeted annual sales of 500k Leapmotor International EVs by 2030.

While neither side has officially confirmed the joint venture plans, Tavares’ on-site visit and up-close look at Leapmotor’s new products has EV industry watchers buzzing that a final deal announcement could come any day now.

For Stellantis, a partnership with the ambitious Leapmotor would be a savvy way to accelerate its EV offensive with a turnkey global supply chain already in place. For the little Chinese upstart, access to Stellantis’ massive global presence, dealership footprint, and manufacturing muscle could be the exact catalyst needed to truly leap onto the world stage.

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