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Kia Unleashes Refreshed EV6 With Bigger Battery, Slick New Tech

Refreshed Kia EV6

Kia’s electrification onslaught continues with the launch of a significantly improved version of its EV6 all-electric crossover. Refreshed 2024 EV6 boasts some meaningful upgrades both under the sheet metal and in the tech-laden cabin.

Kia has swapped in a higher capacity 84kWh lithium-ion pack, up from the outgoing EV6’s 77.5kWh unit, larger battery translates to an estimated 494km of range on a full charge, a handy 4% bump over the current model.

The visual enhancements are more subtle, with Kia’s fancy new “Starmap Signature Lighting” LED daytime running lights being the prime exterior tweak. Though the interior is where the real freshening happens, trading the old flat panels for a curved digital instrument cluster and infotainment display.

Among the EV6’s new cabin toys? There’s an updated head-up display, digital rear-view mirror, and nifty fingerprint reader built into the steering wheel that allows registered drivers to fire up the EV sans key.

Best of all for budget-conscious EV buyers, Kia is keeping the refreshed EV6’s pricing status quo with the base model still starting at around $38,500.

While Kia is tight-lipped on U.S. arrival timing so far, the automaker has already started taking orders for the enhanced 2024 EV6 in its home market of South Korea, deliveries in the U.S. are expected to start in late 2024

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