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Home » Tesla Reveals Sleek New Cybertruck Core Wheel Aero Cover

Tesla Reveals Sleek New Cybertruck Core Wheel Aero Cover

new Cybertruck Core wheel aero cover

Cybertruck outlandish styling is about to get a smooth upgrade, Tesla has unveiled the production design for the new Core wheel aero cover that will be an option on electric pickup.

Tesla first teased the Core wheels a couple weeks back when they appeared on the online configurator. But now we’re getting our first proper look at what these sci-fi wheels will look like with their aero covers installed.

The new aero cover completely smooths out the Core wheel’s rugged, open design. It creates a seamless surface optimized for better aerodynamics and increased range. The covers will be an available option when paired with the Cybertruck’s beefy all-terrain tires.

Improved Mileage for the Cybertruck

According to Tesla, the unique tread compound and pattern on the all-terrain tires combined with the Core aero covers can boost the Cybertruck’s range up to 340 miles for AWD models and 320 miles for the top Tri-Motor Cybertruck. Not too shabby for a tank-like EV!

The Core wheel aero covers seem like a smart way to maximize the Cybertruck’s range and efficiency while still allowing access to its full off-road capabilities when needed.

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