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Stellantis Confirms ultra-affordable EV, Jeep Plans to Roll out a $25k EV model in the U.S.


For all the electrification hype in the automotive world, actually getting drivers to make the switch to fully electric vehicles has proven…challenging. Jeep might have a solution – make EVs so darn affordable, it’ll be hard for buyers to pass them up.

In a recent investor meeting, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares let it slip that the rugged off-road brand has plans to roll out a fully electric Jeep model in the very near future with a tantalizing $25,000 price tag attached.

“The same way we brought the €20,000 Citroën e-C3, you will have a $25,000 Jeep very soon,” Tavares stated plainly, referring to Stellantis’ existing ultra-affordable European EV offering. Turns out the company is ready to apply that same aggressive cost-cutting expertise stateside under one of its hottest marques.

The move suggests Stellantis recognizes the biggest roadblock to EV adoption for many consumers is simply the premium pricing compared to gas-powered alternatives. A $25,000 electric Jeep would drastically undercut the average new vehicle transaction price while providing an enticing way for buyers to go electric without breaking the bank.

Making EVs a Mass Market Phenomenon

To be clear, this isn’t some half-baked city runabout we’re talking about either. Jeep’s upcoming affordable EV sounds like it’ll be a bona fide, off-road-capable SUV.

We’re light on other details like range, performance specs, or even the model name at this point. But the $25k base price puts it right in the territory of Jeep’s popular Renegade and Compass crossovers while theoretically delivering all the cost-saving benefits of skipping gas entirely.

Tavares doubled down on Stellantis’ commitment to accelerating EV adoption too, stating it’s the company’s “responsibility” to make ultra-affordable electric options widely available. His goal? To achieve price parity between EVs and internal combustion vehicles within the next three years.

Hitting that aggressive timeline is sure to be a tall order, a $25k electric Jeep could go a long way toward establishing electric power as a viable mainstream choice rather than an exclusive luxury indulgence.

Jeep is already gearing up for an electrified future with the upcoming Wagoneer S fully electric SUVs on the horizon. This mysterious $25,000 model could prove to be the brand’s most pivotal and disruptive EV yet if it can crack the code for making emissions-free driving genuinely attainable for the masses.

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