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Home » Tesla Shareholders Double Down on Elon Musk Vision, Unlocking a New Chapter

Tesla Shareholders Double Down on Elon Musk Vision, Unlocking a New Chapter

Tesla Shareholders Double Down on Elon Musk Vision, Unlocking a New Chapter

In a resounding vote of confidence, Tesla shareholders have officially re-approved Elon Musk’s 2018 compensation package, ushering in a new era for the electric vehicle pioneer. Shareholders have also given the green light for Tesla’s reincorporation to Texas, marking the start of what Musk himself described as “a new book” for the company.

During the highly anticipated shareholders’ meeting, the ever-ambitious Elon couldn’t help but express his gratitude for Tesla’s unwavering shareholder base. “We have the most awesome shareholder base. It’s just incredible,” he gushed, underscoring the pivotal role these loyal supporters play in Tesla’s continued success.

Tesla Shareholders Double Down on Elon Musk Vision, Unlocking a New Chapter

Elon tantalized the audience with tantalizing hints of groundbreaking products on the horizon. “We got some new products we’re working on. They’re going to be pretty special. Just wait, they will be,” he teased, leaving onlookers speculating about the innovative marvels Tesla has up its sleeves.

One of the most eagerly awaited developments, however, revolves around Tesla’s pursuit of fully autonomous driving – or, as Elon calls it Robotaxi. With his trademark optimism, the CEO declared, “It’s simply a matter of time. Admittedly I’m a little optimistic sometimes. I don’t have a complete lack of self-awareness. But if I wasn’t optimistic, this wouldn’t exist. This factory wouldn’t exist.”


And speaking of factories, Musk had some tantalizing insights to share about Tesla’s ambitious plans for its Optimus robots. “My prediction is we’ll (Tesla) have over 1,000, maybe a few thousand Optimus robots working at our factories next year,” he boldly proclaimed, adding, “I think Optimus is a $25 trillion dollar market cap situation; It’s an immense amount of work to get there, but we’re moving very fast down that road.”

Tesla’s ambitions extend far beyond just vehicles and robotics. Elon also announced that the company is tracking for a staggering 200-300% year-over-year growth in energy storage deployment for 2024, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

Amidst all these groundbreaking announcements, Musk couldn’t resist addressing some lingering concerns. “Rumors of the death of Tesla Superchargers are greatly exaggerated,” he quipped, revealing that the company now boasts an impressive 58,000 Supercharger stalls worldwide.

For those eagerly awaiting the next generation of Tesla’s autonomous driving hardware, Elon had some good news. “We’ve completed the design of our HW 5 computer. We’re calling it ‘AI 5,'” he announced, adding that the cutting-edge system is slated for release at the end of 2025.

As if these revelations weren’t enough, Musk dropped a few tantalizing tidbits about the highly anticipated Cybertruck. Tesla will soon end production of the Cybertruck Foundation Series, paving the way for regular (non-Foundation) Cybertruck production to commence next quarter. This game-changing move would see the Cybertruck’s starting price drop from its current $99,990 to a more accessible $72,500 (including the Federal EV credit).

With shareholders’ renewed backing and Elon Musk’s boundless ambition, Tesla is undoubtedly poised to embark on a transformative journey. From groundbreaking products to revolutionary robotics and sustainable energy solutions, the company is setting its sights on reshaping the future of transportation and beyond.