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DJI Announces Intelligent Driving Solutions in China Includes Configuration of 7V/9V

DJI Automotive

DJI Automotive, the popular Chinese drone manufacturer, has announced a new generation of intelligent driving solutions for cars in China, solution includes a computing power as low as 32TOPS and a pure vision configuration of 7V/9V. The new system can realize L2+ intelligent driving functions including urban memory driving (32TOPS)/urban pilot driving (80TOPS).

The Pure Vision Solution

DJI’s pure vision solution is designed to use very low computing power and does not require high-precision maps. With only a camera, the system can realize functions such as cross-floor memory parking and high-speed pilot assistance. When combined with high-precision maps, even 7V configurations can achieve NOA in urban areas.

Configuration Options

The new system is available in a variety of ladder configurations, fully adapting to the penetration and replacement trend of smart cars in the Chinese market, 7V configuration is the basic configuration, with a computing power of 32 TOPS. It includes a pair of DJI vehicle-specific forward-looking inertial navigation stereo binocular cameras, a rear-view monocular camera, and four surround-view fisheye cameras. It can realize all functions except urban pilot driving without relying on high-precision maps, the 7V configuration can also be combined with high-precision maps to realize urban pilot driving.

The 9V configuration upgrades the computing power to 80TOPS and adds two side-view monocular cameras, which can improve the ability to detect side dynamic vehicles. This configuration can get rid of high-precision maps and realize all intelligent driving functions including urban pilot driving.


According to DJI, the computing power of this system can be expanded up to 200TOPS, and millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar, lidar, and high-precision maps can also be added. This enhances the security redundancy of the system and improves the comfort experience of high-level L2+ functions such as high-speed navigation and city navigation.


This solution is currently available and DJI is actively promoting mass production with partner car companies. It not only allows economical models to obtain leapfrog high-end smart functions at a low threshold but also provides advanced technology experience for mid-to-high-end models.