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The State of Tesla’s FSD Beta v11.4 : Over-Promise & Under-Deliver?

Tesla FSD

Elon Musk’s recent retweet about Tesla’s AI being advanced enough to control the car completely on its own has sparked conversations about the current status of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta technology, say : ” V11.4 is excellent. Several days of driving to random pin drop locations in Austin. Zero safety-critical interventions. ”

While some users have reported a positive experience with FSD Beta v11.4 in Austin, others have raised concerns about its inconsistency across the US. look at the current state of Tesla’s FSD Beta and discuss some inspirations for improvement.

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The Inconsistency of Tesla FSD

Despite Elon Musk’s claims that FSD is excellent, the reality is that the technology is very inconsistent across the United States. While some users have reported a smooth and safe experience, others have encountered safety-critical interventions while using FSD. This inconsistency raises questions about the technology’s reliability and its ability to provide a safe and seamless driving experience.

Another way to improve Tesla FSD Beta is to define clear goals and redeploy resources accordingly. FSD Beta is a long-term project, and it requires sustained investment in talent, resources, and organizational structure. Tesla has been working on FSD for eight years. In the technology race for fully autonomous driving, it’s important to set longer-term and more sustainable settings for talent, organizations, and resources.

From a personal point of view, the difficulty of achieving fully autonomous driving is both challenging and exciting. The high threshold and complexity of subverting the auto industry with computing make it a tantalizing field for innovation and creativity.

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