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Home » Tesla Recalls Over 1.1 Million Vehicles in China Market, Update option for regenerative braking

Tesla Recalls Over 1.1 Million Vehicles in China Market, Update option for regenerative braking

Canaccord Genuity just cut his price target on $TSLA from $267 to $234

Tesla has announced a recall of more than 1.1 million vehicles, which will allow users to choose their preferred energy recovery strategy. The recall will affect various models, including the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y, with production dates ranging from January 12, 2019, to April 24, 2023.

To further enhance the safety of its vehicles, Tesla will be introducing new features through OTA technology. These will include an option for drivers to select the regenerative braking intensity, adjustments to the default state of the vehicle’s energy regenerative braking strategy, and a reminder for drivers who depress the accelerator pedal deeply for an extended period.

The introduction of these features will provide Tesla owners with an additional layer of safety protection. Pedal missteps are a leading cause of traffic accidents, and this update aims to reduce the probability of such accidents occurring. New Customizable regenerative braking options will give owners more control based on their own driving style and road conditions. And the accelerator reminder could help avoid unintentionally speeding up too quickly.

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Tesla will notify affected car owners through various channels, including registered mail and SMS, and arrange for the necessary recall procedures. Tesla owners should receive official notice of the recall by mail or text message soon, at which point the OTA will automatically be pushed to their vehicles over networks. While most people don’t exactly think of an OTA update as a traditional recall, Tesla seems poised to change that perception.

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