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Home » LI Auto AD Max 3.0: Autonomous Driving in Heavy Rainy Days

LI Auto AD Max 3.0: Autonomous Driving in Heavy Rainy Days

Li auto

Li AUTO, the leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer. A video showcasing the impressive capabilities of its AD Max 3.0 system in heavy rain from Weibo social platforms by Li AUTO’s product manager, demonstrates how the system can still function normally and stably even in the toughest weather conditions.

AD Max 3.0 system is mostly vision-based, relying on Fusion perception to see more fully than human eyes. City NOA, a visual drawing, accurately identifies traffic lights and other vehicles, making it a valuable tool for autonomous driving.

The video also highlights some interesting points about the system’s interface. While the EID interface is simple and easy to use, the non-traffic area on the side appears a bit strange in gray, and the sidewalk is not drawn. Additionally, windshield wipers could’ve moved a tad faster and that it misidentified an approaching vehicle at one point.

Still, the City NOA test proves Li Auto’s vision-based self-driving platform can dominate even in low visibility. While the system currently uses LiDAR as a backup, Li Auto plans to phase out the laser sensors in future models. Public releases of the City NOA software will start rolling out this June.

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