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Home » Tesla’s Model 3 Highland: Tesla Fans Spotted a Facelifted Version Testing

Tesla’s Model 3 Highland: Tesla Fans Spotted a Facelifted Version Testing


Looks like Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 sedan is getting a facelift. Eagle-eyed Tesla fans spotted what seems to be an updated Model 3 Highland undergoing road tests near the factory. If these spy shots are anything to go by, the new Model 3 is gonna turn heads when it hits the streets.

The camouflaged prototype spotted didn’t seem to have a conventional dashboard. Instead, it appears to use a large central touchscreen, similar to the Model S and X, for shifting into reverse. Did someone say Yoke steering wheel? Looks like the new Model 3 will have a futuristic steering wheel design. Talk about pushing the envelope!


The new model also seems to sport some spiffy cosmetic changes like a restyled front end, new wheels, and silver trim accents. Rumor has it the facelift Model 3 will have upgraded Autopilot hardware for enhanced self-driving capabilities.

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With the new steering wheel and touchscreen shifter, the updated Model 3 is poised to offer three different options for changing gears: touchscreen, buttons or even “smart” shifting that Tesla may roll out in the future. The current Model S and X have interiors to die for, and the yoke steering wheel is unconventionally cool. This gal right here can’t wait to see how the restyled Model 3 turns out. If all goes to plan, the new model should start rolling off the lines in the second half of this year. The Model Y probably won’t be far behind in getting similar upgrades.

Who else is eagerly awaiting the first major facelift of the Model 3 in five years?