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Home » Tesla Bot’s Latest Stride: Teaching Itself How to Grab Stuff Better

Tesla Bot’s Latest Stride: Teaching Itself How to Grab Stuff Better

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Tesla Bot’s getting scarily good at manipulating its environment. In a new video, the humanoid robot shows off its improved dexterity by delicately grasping tools like wrenches and rods. According to Julian Ibarz, the senior engineer in charge of the Tesla Bot project, the robot performed its first end-to-end learned grasping today. The grasping was learned from human demonstrations without any task-specific programming.

The robot already has end-to-end AI capabilities and can learn based on human demo actions.

“Tesla Bot performed the first end-to-end learned grasping today, which is learned from human demonstrations without any task-specific programming,” Ibarz said. Though the bot’s only been in development for a few months, it’s already picking up complex skills on its own through AI and mimicking human movements.

The latest iteration of the bot, nicknamed Optimus, has made major improvements since its initial reveal. It now has tighter control over its motor functions, allowing for more precise movements. It can also better sense and map its surroundings while remembering where it’s been. Most importantly, Optimus has mastered “end-to-end motion control” – it takes in data from its cameras and uses that to directly control how it moves each of its joints.

Elon Musk has high hopes for Tesla Bot and humanoid robots in general. “The market potential for humanoid robots could be insane, and will definitely outpace the demand for cars,” Musk said at Tesla’s AI event last year. He predicted the bots could eventually drop to as low as $20,000 per unit.

Judging by Optimus’ swift progress mastering complex physical skills on its own, that doesn’t seem too far-fetched. The development of the Tesla Bot is a significant step towards creating a humanoid robot that can perform various tasks, from simple to complex. With its end-to-end AI capabilities and ability to learn from human demonstrations, the Tesla Bot could revolutionize the robotics industry and change the way we live and work.

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