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Elon Musk’s Aims to Take on OpenAI and DeepMind

Elon Musk to Only Use X App for Communication After Twitter Takeover

At the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit, Elon Musk made a big announcement that his company,, is aiming to become the third largest participant in the AI industry, following OpenAI and DeepMind. Musk revealed that’s relationship with Tesla and Twitter is akin to that of OpenAI and DeepMind’s relationship with Microsoft. He is confident that AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) will become a reality within the next 3-6 years.

“ is ready to become the third major player in the large-scale model game,” Musk said in his signature straightforward style.

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During an interview at the same summit, Musk also stated that Twitter 2.0 is making a comeback. He hinted at a press conference to reveal more details about’s future plans at the right time. has recently purchased 10,000 GPUs, indicating that the company is gearing up for some major AI developments.

So, what’s the difference between OpenAI and Microsoft’s relationship, and’s relationship with Twitter and Tesla? Elon Musk explains that OpenAI and Microsoft’s relationship is based on investing and then earning back most of the money invested by providing computing power., Twitter, and Tesla appear to have a more cooperative relationship.

Tesla’s Dojo training cluster is optimized for large model training, and it’s likely that Tesla Bot’s human-computer interaction won’t rely on third-party dialogue generation models.

With’s plans to become a majorplayer in the AI industry, this announcement is sure to shake up the industry. The company’s focus on large-scale models and its collaboration with major tech players like Twitter and Tesla will undoubtedly bring exciting developments to the field of AI.

So, what’s next for expect more details to emerge about the company’s plans.

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