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NIO Launches All new NIO ES6, a Well-Rounded SUV with Impressive Features and Performance


The all new NIO ES6, the third SUV model under the NIO NT2.0 platform, has officially launched and is set to begin deliveries tomorrow in China market. The car boasts a family-oriented exterior design, a well-balanced suspension, and an impressive driver assistance system. With its starting price of 368,000 RMB, the ES6 is a well-rounded car that offers an impressive balance of price and performance.

Exquisite Design

The ES6 has a family-oriented exterior design that is more restrained and concise than its predecessor. The car’s split-type headlight design, lookout tower-style sensor layout on the roof, flat side windows, and through-style taillights all add to the car’s exquisite visual effect. The car measures 4854mm in length, 1995mm in width, and 1703mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2915mm. Compared to the previous model, the length has increased by 4mm, the width has increased by 30mm, the height has decreased by 55mm, and the wheelbase has increased by 15mm.

Impressive Features

The new ES6 offers 10 exterior color options and four interior color options. The car’s interior is consistent with other NT2.0 models on sale, featuring renewable bamboo and HAPETX bio-based synthetic leather for wrapping and soft light-tone decorative parts. In terms of driver assistance, the ES6 comes equipped with the Aquila NIO super-sensing system, the Adam NIO supercomputing platform, and the NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD) technology. The car also supports N-BOX enhanced entertainment hosts and AR glasses jointly developed by Nreal and NIO.

Powerful Performance

Powering the car is a front and rear dual-motor system, with a maximum power of 150 kW for the front motor and 210 kW for the rear motor. The car can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 4.5 seconds, with a braking distance of 34.5 meters when decelerating from 100-0km/h. The car comes with a variety of battery options, including the standard 75kWh battery pack with a range of 490km, the long-range 100kWh battery pack with a range of 625km, and the 150kWh battery pack with a maximum range of 930km.

Well-Balanced Suspension

The most critical aspect of the car, its suspension, is well-balanced. During early test drives, the ES6’s driving experience with CDC suspension achieved a good balance between comfort and sportiness, making it one of the best performing NIO models to date. This may also be due in part to the use of the same chassis as the ET5. The ISS system also provides a very good experience, and its anti-nodding effect helps to maintain a high level of comfort during everyday city driving.

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